Friday, 23 December 2011

Last Minute

So it looks like I have left the wrapping of presents to the last minute! 

I had been planning to do it all this week but have been distracted by too many other things and now I will be wrapping presents the night before Christmas Eve. I think this is the closest I have ever left it, I always thought doing it on the weekend before Christmas was late but this is cutting it close. 

I can see myself sitting here tomorrow night, eyes hanging out of my head wrapping like mad. I will be wrapping presents for 7 children plus relatives, this would have to add up to at least 100 presents, right? Hmm I never thought about it like that before, no wonder I always have last minute gifts to buy. Today I baked ginger bread cookies and the most delicious 'Double Chocolate Mousse Cake'. I will definitely be posting the recipes to these two mouth watering treats, they are both yummy and perfect for Christmas and the New Year. 

The biscuits are for the kids and the cake is for the adults! What a treat it was at the end of the day to sink my teeth into this delectable delight! I will be sure to post these recipes soon! The cake will definitely impress any crowd!!! Till then Happy Wrapping!!!

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