Friday, 30 December 2011

A warranty that came through!

To my surprise Electrolux came through on their warranty of my microwave. The microwave was purchased just before the new year and installed.

Not long after the globe blew but I didn't bother getting it replaced as it has to be done by an electrician. About two months ago the microwave just suddenly stopped heating food instantly, the microwave function. Which is the reason you have a microwave right?  

Weird how the convention oven function and everything else would work but not what I needed it for.
It was about 1 year old so you can imagine I was quite disappointed and frustrated but it took me about a month before I reported it not working.

Just before Christmas I got a phone call to say it would be replaced I just had to wait for another call to see when it would happen.

Well I am still amazed that it actually happened this week of all weeks in the year, so it is like a Christmas present for me! Yay!

No questions asked my microwave was replaced with a brand new one. I am a happy girl!!!

Anyone else have a warranty come through for them?

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