Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hanging With Friends Game App

Today's App recommendation is going to be a game: Hanging with Friends!
Hanging With Friends is a modern version of the classic game of hangman that allows you to solve and create hangman puzzles for your friends right around the globe. 

Instead of hanging a person, which seems a bit morbid and from a previous era, the avatars are hanging in the air by grasping a group of balloons. With each turn of solving a word a balloon will either pop due to being unable to solve it or will remian if you manage to solve it successfully. 

I love how the application lets you see your apponents letter guesses for the word you sent them. You can choose to view this or just the result.

This game also offers a chat option so you can send quick messages or notes to your opponents. Some may be nice enough to send a hint for their word. Most Don't!

I think they like to see you fail at solving the word.

Scoring points for letters or words just like in scrabble gives you the option of purchasing items in the store with the coins you have earnt. You have a choice of a few avatars you can use and ones you can buy plus different balloons to choose from.

I love playing this with my frineds and family, trying to play it every day, but sometimes my other duties get in the way. It is fun trying to think up new words to challenge them with and I love trying to guess their attempts at trying to stump me with more difficult words! :-)

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