Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Bath Day!

So what does one do on Valentines Day when the kids are looked after, the house is in order and taken care of, I have a couple of hours before the kinder/school run and all I have to think about is preparing dinner?

One takes a Spa bath, of course! Oh wow I have not done this for ages! It was so nice and relaxing. Yes that is my foot bobbing out of the water. The only thing I had to worry about when taking the pic was trying not to drop the phone in the bath! Eek! Plop there it goes...just kidding!

Now it would be even nicer if the spa wouldn't make so much noise while it's running, just some quiet, hard core bubbles massaging my tired feet and aching muscles. 
Someone to wash my hair, massage my shoulders and play some relaxing music while I down some heart shaped chocolates that my husband won't buy me for Valentines day.

How unfortunate that my spa had to be interrupted by my bladder. I was forced to get out and I was not going to get back in. But I enjoyed it while it lasted and I will be visiting it again soon as it has been too long. Did I mention it's in my bathroom and I don't even need to book it, so why I don't have one more often is puzzling to me.

Now if I could just sleep the rest of the day away, that would just top it off.

Happy Bath Day!

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