Saturday, 4 February 2012

iRecommend Blogger App for iPhone & iPad

I have decided that my next iphone/ipad app to recommend should be of course the Blogger app. Created for these devices to make it easier for blogging. 

"Blogging on the go" they call it! Well I love it as I can blog from anywhere, I can save the blog and then open up my PC and there it is in my drafts and all I need to do is load up my pictures and just fix up some of my settings before I publish the blog. That is just my own personal preference to do that though. 

You can actually publish a blog straight from the application and include pictures, which you can upload from your device. I am just a bit particular about where I want my pics to be and how my blog is structured. So I like to open it up in my PC first before I publish the blog.

The app will also show you the blogs you have in draft and the ones you have published, the published blogs being highlighted. 

You can also view your blog home page etc. so you can check to see how it looks and click on your blogs pages.
It has a settings tab where you can: Switch blogs, change Image settings & send feedback. 

It is a very simple app to use!

It would be great in the future if they could add a complete editing area for your whole blog, but I think their aim for this app was to make it convenient for people to just write blogs. Another possible improvement would be to make it possible to do the editing of your written blog from your device. Being able to change how your writing and pictures appear.

It has a great use when your out and about and something happens that you want to record and consider posting to your blog page later or right then and there. You can take a picture of the event, load it up with the blog and publish, its as simple as that! It has come in handy when my DH is using the computer and I suddenly think of something to write but can't get on the PC. I just grab my iPad, open up the Blogger app of type away.

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