Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lost or Stolen, Right Before Our Eyes?

Doing my weekly grocery shopping, I think I may have been witness to a crime but just didn't realise it.
Walking down the drinks and snacks aisle (not one of my favourite aisles because I always buy stuff I don't really need).

I was undecided on what I wanted and had walked past most of the soft drinks but thought I would double back and take another look. On my return I did a double take as I think I noticed something odd on the shelf that did not belong there. When I looked again it was a wallet, I am sure it was not there when I just walked past.

Because there was two staff just in that that very spot I had thought maybe it belonged to one of them and they had just put it there for a minute, but then I thought why would you do that. That would be a strange thing to do.
So I turned around and decided to pick it up, turning to the staff I asked if it belonged to them, knowing the answer would be no, but thought it was the right thing to do.

After they both said no I told them I just found it sitting there on the shelf, anyone could have picked it up. So I proceeded to open it up and it had a few cards in it, no money but at least it had some ID. So I gave it to the staff and they took it to the front desk, I wonder what the owner thought when his name was called out over the PA system. That's even if he was in the store?

It did not occur to me until a short while later that this was most likely a stolen wallet. I had originally thought it may have been accidentally left on the shelf by the owner while he was choosing his items of purchase, but who would do that?
Someone had probably lifted it from an unsuspecting victim's back pocket, probably emptied it of usable contents like cash and cards. It did look like cards may have been missing. And then casually disposed of it on the shelf for anyone to find. Right in front of staff stocking the shelf.

How can a crime like this happen right in front of everyone in a busy supermarket? Was it a stolen wallet or did someone really accidentally leave it on the shelf? Did the owner of the wallet even realise his precious goods were missing from his person?
This one incident poses so many questions and always the biggy, did I do the right thing?

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