Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oh Mii Gosh I Am A Wii Genius

Well I couldn't do this without my friend Google & YouTube!

I just modded my Wii with ModMii

Our Wii had already been modified once before by someone else, it was purchased  this way. 

A while back we had some visitors and one's child was let loose on the Wii and somehow managed to download an update. After completing this download we noticed there was no more Home Brew Channel, which meant we could no longer play all the games we had installed onto an external Hard drive.

The kids were miserably disappointed.

After months of the kids bugging me to fix the Wii (which i thought was going to cost over $100), and me finally getting up the courage to have a go, praying I wouldn't brick my Wii, I decided to take a chance. So about two days ago I got online and search for a solution to our problem.

There was a lot of trial and error, with the eagerness and sometimes impatience of the kids causing stress and me feeling like just giving up. I thought I was never going to work it out.

Finally I came across this web site: NintendoFuse via YouTube when I was trying to find a fix to an error that had come up on the Wii, I knew we were so close as we had already returned the Home Brew Channel - so we were almost there.

The program I used was ModMii 4.3.2. There is a lot of directions right there on the page and a video tutorial to help you. So it is hard to go wrong. The video is for an older version (4.1) of modding the Wii but it is easy to figure it out for the newer version. My Wii was updated to the 5.5.2 and modified at the same time. 

There is a download link beneath the video tutorial, just follow the steps in the tutorial, take your time and enjoy the outcome. 

Now my kids are happy because they can finally play their games on the external hard drive again. And I can hold my head up high knowing I was able to accomplish something I thought only computer programmers (or Wii experts) could do.
If you try to have a go at this and you get stuck or need a bit of help, I may be able to help you out but you should be able to find all the help you need on the NintendoFuse site.

I think somewhere here I am supposed to mention a thank you to XFlak

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