Friday, 24 February 2012

The Stocking Game

Got some old stockings lying around in your drawers? Wondering what to do with all those stockings with ladders in them? Well don't throw them out! What you say? Well I may just have the solution. Collect them up and your next party may become the most memorable of all, with lots of laughs!!!

Firstly you may want to wash all stockings as not to put anyone off by bad foot odour. 
Take all full length stockings and cut each leg off at the thigh area, try to leave some of the reinforced part on the stocking. Ok I know I have you a little concerned but it is safe I promise. And this does not require wearing it on your head.

Place all stocking types together in a pile, including knee highs, anklets and tights, you may even want to throw in an odd sock or two just to make things more interesting. (we know everyone has odd socks somewhere).

You will also need 1 dice and a bunch of crazy people to sit in a circle around the pile of stockings.

Take in turns to roll the dice. When someone rolls a 6 that person must call out the number 6 and start madly putting on as many stockings as they can, but only one at a time and it has to be completely on, not just over the foot. As soon as the next person who rolls a 6 yells out 6, the person putting on the stockings must stop and this new person must start madly putting on stockings. If the person who was putting on stockings does not put the stocking on completely when the new person yells out 6 that stocking must be removed and placed back on the pile. 

The game ends when there are no stockings left in the pile and the winner is the one with the most stockings on.  

If you can get some guys to play, this is really hilarious to watch them putting on stockings. Kids love this game so it is great for birthday parties and you will be amazed at how many stockings you can actually fit on one leg.

Have Fun!

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