Saturday, 4 February 2012

What is EMMAPAGE Jewellery made of?

Jewellery Materials

EMMAPAGE Jewellery is triple plated in 22kt hard gold.

The silver used in EMMAPAGE products is lighter and brighter.

Rhodium is a hard-wearing material, that is much more expensive than gold. It is very hard so less is needed in the plating process. Rhodium has a more metallic look to it, whereas silver is lighter and brighter. The decision to use rhodium or silver is made by the designers based on the style's look and how hard wearing the particular style needs to be.

EMMAPAGE stones include Cubic Zirconias, Austrian Crystals and sometimes China stones, which are used in large, statement rings.

EMMAPAGE also uses Cubic Zirconia Stones in many of its designs. "CZ" as it is known in the trade, is a man made diamond and the most expensive and best quality fashion jewellery stone available.

What are 'China Stones'?
The term China Stones refer to a type of specially toughened glass used in Jewellery that uses claws such as rings and pendants.

Our Pearls look and feel like the real thing. Previously the pearls were coated with 7 layers of pearl essence and baked in the oven 7 times, a process taking 24 hours. Constantly striving to be the forefront, EMMAPAGE recently employed a world first - the PP pearl. The Premier Pearl is the highest quality man made pearl and we are the first in the world to use it. To create this beautiful lustre 3 extra coatings of pearl essence have been added and another 24 hours of baking. The PP pearl can be seen in all styles going forward.

The metal underneath the plating is brass or white metal (normally the necklace and bracelets). The more pure the metal the better it polishes and therefore the surface is smoother. EMMAPAGE Jewellery uses 98% pure base metal.

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