Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A First Opinion is Never Your Last Resort!

Feeling sick again, don't know what it is. Been to the doctor and your not getting any answers just more tablets? Well listen up people I am going to give you some advice!

I have been in too many situations where I have been lead down the wrong path, just believing what my doctor or specialist has told me. Having made decisions I now regret and wish I had done more research or asked for a second opinion. 

So now I am writing this to tell you all if you are ever unsure or concerned about a theory or an idea a doctor or specialist is giving you, firstly ask questions, lots of them. Get as much information as you can from the doctor and if unsure about the diagnosis or the information you are hearing, Get a second opinion! 

There are always other avenues, choices, decisions you can make. There may be a doctor just around the corner who has a totally different view or opinion due to their experiences with certain illnesses. Don't rely on the first diagnosis presented to you. Just because a doctor has a degree does not mean he/she has your best interests in mind.

Too many times I have been put on medication only to become even more sick, until finally I have had enough of being sick. Then going and finding another answer, wishing I had found it sooner. Often just speaking to people around you, like family or friends, can sometimes present you with other avenues. You never know who has suffered similar symptoms or had results from other remedies. 

We are very lucky now that we have a world of medical information at our fingertips. Anytime I am told something is not quite right with a blood test, or I am just not getting the answers I need, I get on the Internet and GOOGLE it! There is a world of information, tips, experiences from others who may have been in the same situation, suffered from the same illness. There are even iPhone and Android applications for finding medical conditions and information.

So never take the first opinion as being your last resort!

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