Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mud Pies and Dirty Faces Versus Clean Rooms and Tidy Spaces

How do you make use of sunny days when the kids are home? Do you get them to tidy the house and their mess or do you let them get outside and play?

The reason I pose this question is because today is such a beautiful sunny autumn day and my kids are home. My house is in such a state of mess and chaos that I would be embarrassed to have any surprise guest. Thankfully I don't think that will happen today! 

My three little ones 2, 4 & 5 are playing outside in the mud and water, I already know this means baths and extra washing, but I love to see them enjoying the out doors. Especially knowing that winter is just around the corner and these beautiful sunny days will become shorter and colder.

The older ones went for a run up the hill and took their note pads with them and recorded all the things they saw. Maybe future bloggers in the midst. Some drew pictures and others wrote it down. 

They saw kangaroos, birds, a pond, trees to hide in, a crow on the power line, a deer bed, and a calf. This all sounds very exciting and I am glad to see them taking in their surrounding and appreciating the simple things in life.

But now to the house, I fear that by tonight it will still look the same. The kids have cut paper, thrown clothes all over the floor, their beds are a mess. Seriously I don't know how they find their beds under that mess. I like to teach my children to clean up their own mess. That way maybe there will be less mess and I think it teaches them a bit of responsibility and that mummy isn't their maid.

Did I mention I am due any day to have a baby and so cleaning is not something I can do easily right now. So for today I have let them play outside and I have cleaned up the main areas and I will see how the day pans out. Maybe I can get them to do some outside jobs like stacking the wood. I am sure some bribery will come into play but at least I know they have enjoyed the outdoors and messy play.

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