Sunday 4 November 2012

Drowning in a Sea of Shoes

One must ask themselves the question, can you ever have too many shoes? For me I believe the answer is yes. 

I have never been one to have a lot of shoes. I have the bare essentials really, and some might say not even that.

Never being too fussed about shoes, I am shocked at how many my children have accumulated over the years. They each seem to have more shoes than you could fit on an octopus.

Since I started having my children I have always been given second hand clothing and with this came shoes. I really appreciated the offers of pre-loved goods as it has saved me a lot of money, especially with having a large family. I did however gather a rather large pile of shoes.

I have been keeping the shoes in a big box as they just looked messy on the floor in the cupboards. Though in doing this I found that half the time (especially when in a rush) I couldn't find a pair of shoes to fit a certain child's feet. So I finally decided I needed to gather all the shoes and find their pairs.

I got a few of my children to help me by playing a matching game, we often do this with socks. I suddenly  felt like I was drowning in shoes as the pairs started surrounding me. I told one of my boys to take the shoes and line them up along the wall at the back door. (See pic)

These shoes do not even include the ones in the shoe box at the entrance, the ones currently on their feet, or the two garbage bags of shoes I have filled to throw out to the tip. You really would think I was breeding a bunch of octopuses. My children have more shoes than me.

So now I have decided it is time to get a large shoe rack for the back door entrance, which we rarely use. So no unsuspecting visitors will be scared away by the huge amount of shoes we have.

The final count for all the pairs of shoes was over 100. I am sure that is not a record but it makes me think about buying shares in a shoe company.

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