Friday, 23 November 2012

Last Minute Holiday Shopping

I have had so little time to think about packing my bag that I didn't even know what I needed to buy in order to be fully prepared for my trip to the sunshine, sand and water. Without even having to ask, my husband prompted me to go late night shopping to get all my essentials (plus some extras).

So of course this kind of shopping needed a friend to keep me on track and organized. So the company of Mrs MDDW at No Excuses was in order. Knowing I had limited time I got online during the day and quickly looked up all the items I needed in the stores I would be visiting. I was able to compare prices and know where I would find the best bargains.

As soon as hubby was home I pretty much flew out the door, but not before he surprised me with my already connected iPhone 5.

Just in time for my holiday! Yay!

So off to the home of MDDW, to pick her up. She was also quick to exit her premises, anyone would think that we might actually be a bit excited about our holiday. Wink wink.

Our first stop Target to try on some bathers I liked on the web site. Can you believe it, I didn't have a pair of bathers! Except for a pair of maternity ones which are 10 years old.

I must have tried on almost every piece there, except for the bikini's, wasn't even gonna go there. At least with a one piece I know it can hold me all in. Lisa kept feeding me bathers under my change room door and I kept throwing them back at her. Finally I had three to choose from and I ended up choosing the first one I pointed out on the rack. I could have saved myself so much time by trying them on first but no, I had to try all the others on first.

We then drifted over to the baby section, "why were we going to the baby section" you say? Well I needed to get some extra dummies as I am sure the ones my baby has will somehow get lost & I am still breast feeding so needed a breast pump. 

On the way there we stopped by the hats and decided to have an impromptu hat parade.

What? You have never done this?

Just a couple of chicks trying on hats!

A word of advice for Target, not everybody has a size 57 head. All were way too big, but we had some good laughs anyway.

After finding all I wanted from here we moved onto Big W. Here I found some sandal type thongs, a beach towel and some other essential items I didn't even think of. 

All up I was happy with our little shopping escapade, anything else I have forgotten I am sure I can find on the Gold Coast! Such a happy two words!!!

We finished the night off with a coffee and lots of excitement, thinking that we only have two days till we leave on our little adventure.  

Now all that is left is to finish packing my bag, printing out my to do list instructions for hubby and finally continue to text/message/Skype Lisa with our upcoming plans.....(more like every hour or so)......the final countdown....."4 days, 3 days, 2 days...." you can imagine that we just can't wait.

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