Monday, 5 November 2012

You can never have TOO many children!

Peek-a-boo everyone; if you are wondering why I am posting here, well I am truly about to tell you.

First of all, did you know that I designed this blog (sure is pretty if I do say so myself), what you didn't?  Well please stick around, and have a look at the fabulous posts, recipes and JEWELLERY! Pam has a great sense of humour and her posts always give me a giggle and a smile.

Pam at My Jewellery Box is a good friend of mine who also has a large family with 8 beautiful children ~ 8 Precious Gems as she calls them.

The beauty of having a close friend who also has a large family is like; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  No family is ever alike; however large families seem to have a great deal in common. Mothers with large families could talk for hours about the going ons in ones family (meaning what mischief the children can and do get up to , as it is never a shock, eye opener or gasping moment) we tend to relate to everything.  

We treasure the simple things in life (smiles, a thank you, when little one closes his eyes to pray, helps you with shopping without being asked, tides up, brings you daisies to sniff), we go with the flow, and also get on with what needs be.  

Having a large family IS a full time career; mothers have a diploma in psychiatry (and we didn't even need to go to University for it); with the number of children in the household, one must reach and console each and every one of them.  They all have their own set of problems, emotions and senses that need loving care.

We are nurses, doctors and dentists. The number of cuts, scrapes, bruises that a mother has had to dress is unbelievable (our first aid kits take up a entire cupboard space), also with the many tummy bugs, head aches, coughs, sore throats and not forgetting the teeth we have had to pull ~ one would think we should be able to open our own clinic.

Oh then there is the taxi service, party planner, maid, cleaner/janitor, chef, cook, teacher......the list goes on....and DON'T one DARE to just call us a HOUSE WIFE!

Being part of a large family is special; friendships are set for life (although  perhaps not so in the early years ~ they still have their moments of bickering and fights like any other children). The siblings do find special 'buddies' though and often always watch out for each other.  

Picnics and BBQ s are lots of fun for large families, it's very easy to put together a team and play a game of soccer, cricket or volley ball etc.  Catching up with other large family friends is even better, you can never have too many kids and it makes for great fun.  

Children of large families stick together, play happily and keep an eye on one another and older siblings tend to watch the younger ones. Parents of large families are possibly more relaxed too and rarely stress unless a older child comes running to report an incident.

Dropping in unexpectedly is something large family friends don't mind either; we are all alike and have the same amount of mess, laundry and dishes.  When ever either of us visit, it is only natural to help one another out or we overlook the chaos and enjoy each others company as do the children.

So getting back to my dear friend above; if you haven't already read about her upcoming holiday ~ Catching my Breath and a Little Sun on the Side then you best go right ahead and have a read.  I am very blessed to have such a friend to allow me to tag along with her on this exciting or very unusual experience.

A holiday away with a friend is something a mother NEVER gets to do, hence we are jet-setting VERY soon (Pam and I are both counting down the days), so be sure to join her Facebook page, so you don't miss any of our adventures (I would also love to see her page hit over 100 too, can you help her out there)?

Last but not least, welcome to those who just found this blog and I hope you all stick around. You just might see another post of mine here again in the near future ~ so you have No Excuses not follow both blogs at the same time, take care and thanks for stopping by.

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