Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Gingerbread House - Preparation

This Gingerbread House is something I really enjoy making for Christmas, I make it in place of the traditional Christmas Cake. Everyone loves it when it comes time to break up the Gingerbread House on Christmas Day. It may look complicated but with the right instructions and patience anyone can bake, build and decorate this delightful little house.

Follow instructions for the Traditional Gingerbread Christmas Biscuits.

When you get to step 7 instead of using shaped pastry cutters, use the following diagrams. (These are just rough measurements and you can make your own adjustments if you wish. Also I can send you these diagrams in PDF form via e-mail if you would like them.)

Place baking paper over the diagrams and trace the outline or cut out along the lines.

8. Place cut outs on the rolled out dough and using a knife cut out the pieces. Remember you need four sides to a house and two of the roof.

9. Place house pieces onto a greased oven tray, though I would recommend using baking paper.

10. Bake in a moderate oven for 6 - 8mins, remove from oven and turn over on tray and bake for a further 6 - 8mins. This can be a tricky process but do not worry too much if a piece breaks as you can glue it together later with icing.

11. Allow to cool on racks.

12. If you are not ready to put your Ginger bread house together you can store in an airtight container. Gingerbread can keep for 2-3weeks in a sealed container. You can also freeze it if you need longer.

 cutting out house parts 
One end has no door cut out

2nd end cut
This end has door cut out

Side of house
2nd side of house

removing excess gingerbread
Placing on tray

Roof needs two cut
remove from oven to turn over

Use a flat spatula or egg flip to turn over
return to oven after turning over 

Remove from oven and cool

Click the link Gingerbread House Assembly Instructions to find out how to put the house together.

Completed Gingerbread House

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