Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, No! It's a Parrot! A Parrot?

So my husband has a new hobby!
You know I think this is great as I truly believe everyone needs a hobby. I bought my husband a spy helicopter for Christmas and as much as he loved it, he just had to go one better, a few hundred dollars better.

It's called a Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 and it has taken over everything.

He has bought every possible spare part you can get for this thing before it even needs it. He shows it off to his mates but there is no way anyone else is going to fly that thing - No Way! He won't let anyone go near it.

Another name for the Drone is a Quadrocopter, meaning it flys using four propellers.

It is one of those new and clever technology that is flown by using an app on the iPad or iPhone. You can also view on your iPad/iPhone screen a video of what the drone captures on its camera. It can do flips & tricks and fly 400 meters in the air, (with the added extras to help), capturing some amazing footage while it goes.

I have been very skeptical about how good this thing really is, but I have to admit that I am quite impressed with what it can actually do.

It can even be programmed to move (dance) to music. I have yet to see my husband perform this feat for me.

He has added flashing lights, police led lights, protective extras and he would probably add a bull bar and tow bar if it was an option. But this flying machine can be altered in almost any way you would want or can think of.

There are many different apps you can choose from in iTunes, the one my husband prefers is Drone Ace which allows him to record sounds during videoing. With instant recording to the iPad while flying.

It can also stalk anything that is a combination of orange and blue stripes. I am sure hubby wishes there were some animals out there with blue and orange stripes on their coat.

This is not one of those remote control planes, helicopters, that if you crash it, that's it, you can't fly it anymore. No! This one is easily repaired, every inch of it!

Check out the video I have added, I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as my husband enjoyed making it.

No animals, children or Bobcat were injured, harmed, or destroyed during the filming of this daredevil performance. And yes the Drone lives to see another day!

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