Friday, 22 March 2013

Exercise! Making The Decision To Just Do It!

It has been a while since I posted, From Flab to Fab in Just 10 Hours, 2 Days, 2 Weeks, 2 Months, GET REAL!!! and since then I had a baby followed by suffering from severe and troublesome back pain which hindered my efforts of getting back into the swing of exercise.

The back pain was so severe, that I finally needed to make an appointment to see a physiotherapist as I was struggling to even do household chores, relying on my kids to pick things up for me, even picking up and carrying the baby. 

I have been seeing a physio every two weeks for the past few months and have noticed an improvement in my back. I have learnt that over time I was allowing my stomach muscles to take over from my core muscles, which caused my back to collapse. Meaning I had lost all my strength in the area I needed it.

Therefore I had to retrain my core muscles to start doing their job again. Believe it or not I had forgotten to do these basic exercises after giving birth to my last baby as I had been too busy worrying about everyone else and forgotten about me and the needs of my body.

I had remembered to do the pelvic floor exercises, however there are some extra exercises that I am doing now to strengthen my core which give the back muscles the strength it needs to remain strong. I am also using heat packs either across my back or long ways running up and down my spine which also helps with posture and I am now noticing that I am having less and less back pain. The hardest thing for me is remembering to do the simple 5 minute exercises and making the time for me to take care of myself.

There had to be a solution, so I have decided to do something about this. No, I am not going to join a gym, that just does not work for me and my family routine.

However I have chosen a time of the day when I am pretty sure my baby will be sleeping and I will be able do these exercises. I have said I would do this many times and just keep putting it off during the day until it gets to the end of the day and then I am just too tired to do it.

But not this time! 

I have decided that nothing is going to stop me, distract me, get in my way and I am going to do it!

I have set the alarm on my phone to go off at this time every day which tells me to do these exercises.  Plus I am also adding to it 30 minutes on the treadmill. It is all about making a decision and doing it, I AM DETERMINED.

"Stop putting it off, stop putting yourself last on the list. It is time for you to put yourself first!"

I need to take care of myself and my back so I can then take care of those around me.

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