Saturday, 14 January 2012

Boys Can Do It Too!

Well I now have proof, yes boys are quite capable. 

So never fear mums of the male gender; they CAN do housework!!! 

So it is time to rethink what we have all been led to believe. That the girls clean the house and the boys stay tinkering  outside.
Teach them young and teach them well, my boys actually work harder and faster than my girls when it comes to cleaning the house.

The two oldest children are both boys and I have always taught them to clean the house but today the eldest actually cleaned not only one toilet but three, and that job is always left up to me. He did it with a hop, skip and a jump and a smile on his face! 

Yes I made an inspection and to my surprise it was cleaned well, I was very impressed!

Then the second boy stood tall and hand in the air, quickly announcing he'd mop all the floors. I was in deep shock, but quickly filled the bucket and handed him the mop.

All of this happened after I had them clean up the floors of all toys and the playroom too.

So lets see if tomorrow I can get them to tidy their rooms? Maybe I won't hold my breath.

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