Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chore Charts, Getting Kids To Do Their Bit

Just wanted to post this link to a great site with a really easy and adaptable way of making Chore Charts, I love it!

You can create your own custom chart with chores and names or days of the week if you prefer. I make mine with my children's names across the top and the chores down the side. I place a star sticker in the box when they have completed the task and at the end of the week the one with most stars gets a prize. Sometimes they have all done so well they will all get a prize.

You can also do days of the week and just write the child's name in that box that has to do that chore for that particular day. My children are still pretty young so for the moment the star chart works best for me but as they get older I will be making it more like a roster with certain jobs for each child everyday.

You are able to choose from a huge range of pictures including Cartoon Characters, Seasons, Animals, Holidays and other Themes.

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