Thursday, 26 January 2012

I am being followed where ever I go...

Today I wish to share with you all something amusing that happened to me the other day. 

I am new to blogging and have found some very interesting and useful blogs all over the web; while trying to get a grip on this blogging thing. 

Well there is a blog I follow and enjoy to read called Tork's Blog.  On Monday evening I went to visit the ladies room after watching a movie at the cinema. Upon unravelling the loo paper as you do, here was "Tork" staring back at me. 

Well not Tork himself but his name was printed on the cover of the toilet roll dispenser. 

Tork  Dispenser Toilet Paper Compact Roll Auto Shift

Weird huh, I couldn't help but giggle to myself thinking I can't even pee in private without my blogs following me. 

Just had to share and I am sure Tork will get a laugh too.

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