Thursday, 26 January 2012

No! I don't want my hair cut!

How many parents have to deal with the tantrums of kids and having their hair cut?

I am sure the answer is every one of you!

Well tonight it was haircut night, yes all seven were getting their hair cut, or in my husband's terms they were getting their head shaved! Yes that is what he told all of them even the girls!

I have never seen so many tears over haircuts, the girls sobbed and even the boys cried. (Don't tell them I wrote that or they would be mortified)!

So my DH got out the razors and started shaving the first head. I think half the kids scattered and I had to go hunt them down and drag them back, tears and all, yes we even heard the odd "I hate daddy, he's so mean!"

He got through three boys and when they saw the finished product, they were actually quite impressed and one could even be heard saying, "daddy actually does a better job than mummy!" I don't know what that says about my haircuts but I always thought I did a pretty good job.

Oh well Daddy can do it from now on!!!

Then it came to the eldest girl. You can just imagine the sobbing of tears "I don't want you to shave my head", especially after seeing the shaved heads before her. So my DH decide to get the shaver, switch it on and pretended to shave the back of her hair. Oh My Goodness, she was the grumpiest, most upset child you have ever seen. it was hard to keep a straight face.

I proceeded to finish the cut and she was grumpy the whole time believing that her father was the worst person on earth because he had just shaved her head!

When I gave her a shower to wash the clinging hairs away, even after she looked in the mirror and I had told her that her hair had not been shaved, she still did not believe me.

Oh the mind games we play on our kids ;-)

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