Friday, 13 January 2012

iPhone, iPad, iRecommend

I am no technology expert, but I love my iPhone & iPad and can't help but recommend them and all the free apps available that can make everyday life so much easier, or more informative.

When I received my first iPhone it was never a desire of mine to actually have one, I would have been happy with any phone that worked. It was my DH who wanted one, so he went out and bought one for me!

 Lucky me!!

It didn't take long for me to adjust to this new technology and my phone slowly filled with all the useful free apps Available. I added to my phone with an iPad and wow, it was like having an oversized phone.

So because I love to recommend free apps to my friends, I thought I would start to do the same on my blog and hopefully I would be able to help a few newbies crossover to the world of iPhone/iPad.

And if you don't already know it, there is an app for almost anything you could possibly think of.

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