Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Now I know you have heard the term before but probably relate it to framing a picture, usually a photo or painting made to fit perfectly into a wooden, metal or plastic frame. Some would decorate a frame with trinkets of different types, like shells or pretty beads.

In the world of Jewellery, framing is also an art form where one can wear a few pieces of Jewellery at any one time creating a frame for the person wearing it. Mixing and matching Jewellery and creating a fashion statement that will stand out and will be memorable.

Jewellery shown: Tribal & Stellar
Necklace, Serengeti & Pride
Bracelet, Warrior Earings & Sahara Ring.
This idea of framing is very fashionable and makes it possible for one to wear 8 or more pieces of jewellery at one time. It also creates a different look every time which means you could wear the same pieces often without feeling like you have worn them already too many times.

Here are a couple of examples of jewellery framing and maybe it can give you some ideas of how you might want to put a few pieces together next time you walk out the door.
Jewellery shown: Roaming, Wildcat & Desert Sun Necklace,
Wildcat & Prestige Bangles, Milkyway Earings and
Sahara Ring.
Jewellery shown: Savanna Necklace and Bracelet Azure
 Pendant on Finesse Necklace.
Jewellery shown: Roaming & Morocco
Necklace, Serengeti bangles and
Monique Earings.

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