Thursday, 23 February 2012

How to keep Your Chilli Plant Alive

This is my chilli plant. It is probably the only plant that I have purchased that has managed to stay alive in my care for more than 3 weeks. 

It is not that I don't like gardening, but more that I forget to water the plants.  I have been really determined to keep this plant alive as it will be so useful in my household where my husband and kids love hot, spicy food.

I think if I can manage to keep this plant alive I might even go out and buy some herb plants to try and keep alive too. I have already used these chillies in a few dishes (Check out my Hot n' Spicy page under Pearls Delicious Delights), and the difference in taste compared to chilli powders is amazing! 

I will share with you some tips on how to keep your chilli plant alive:

Follow the instructions on the back of the card, that is a good start. LOL! But if it does not have an instruction card or you have lost it, here are some simple things to do in order to keep your plant thriving.

This particular plant is called Chilli Capsicum annuum.

These are ideally grown in containers, indoor or out, so a plant pot is fine, but they can also be grown in a garden bed.

Make sure the soil is free draining and place where there is plenty of sunlight.

Water a few times a week but don't over wet the plant, just enough to dampen the soil. I have a plate under the pot to catch any drained water and the plant just drinks it when needed.

If you have it sitting in too much water, like a container the roots will rot.

If you give it a touch of plant food once a week you will have a more bountiful supply of chillies and that is what you want if you like to cook spicy food often, you don't want to run out now do you?

So here's to happy hot n'spicy dishes! If you have any great spicy recipes I could use my chillies in please feel free to share them.

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