Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Favourite Cooking Books

While I was cleaning up my bookshelf, check out my VIP blog,  (A bookshelf should be a wall feature ~ not an eyesore!) over at Noexcuses! Easy Organising for Large Families!, I thought I could share with you some of my favourite cooking books and magazines that I have found the most useful and have enjoyed their company over the years of cooking for my family.

My most favourite due to me having a love of desserts is: Step By Step Desserts and Confections by Ken Fin. This was given to me by my Mum, who obviously knew I loved making desserts, about 20 years ago. It still remains my number one and think it always will.

From there the list goes:

Sweet old-fashioned favourites by  The Australian Woman's Weekly Cookbooks
Delectable Indulgences by Nestle
The ABC For Kids Book of Cakes II
Marguerite Patten's Every Day Cook Book
Super Food Ideas Magazine
How could I forget my Mums Recipes ;-)

Do you have a favourite cook book or recipe, I would love it if you shared it with me - maybe I will give it a go?

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