Monday, 23 April 2012

Flooded Laundry - Again!

So who has this ever happened to? And how many times? It seems to occur in my house more than a few times a year. I wish it would never happen!

It seems like, just to get under my skin, something will happen that will cause my washing machine to flood my laundry. Most often when the laundry floods it is due to someone leaving a cloth or small item in the sink, that blocks the plug hole, I think once someone even left the plug in. Yeah like that is not going to cause a flooding.

This almost happened to me again!    Luckily I happened to be walking down my hallway when I heard a sudden gush of water. At first I thought it was one of the kids turning the tap on and off really fast in the bathroom but it sounded like a little bit too much pressure. Then suddenly it dawned on me, noooo the laundry! I got there just in the nick of time before the whole washing machine was emptied. Quickly pressed the pause button and straight away I could see the problem.

Because I don't have a pipe to insert my hose into I have had to tie the hose into the plug hole with a piece of wire. Every so often it comes away from the sink hole due to the wire rusting through. 

So last time I placed my daughters roller skates over the outlet hose to hold it in place. It had worked wonderfully until she had friends over the other day and they decided they wanted to play with her roller skates. I had forgotten and didn't replace the roller skates, so when the water started flowing out of the hose the pressure of the water made the hose point over the sink - of course! Thankfully I caught it in time and just had to place a few towels on the ground to soak up the water.

Usually I don't find out until the whole machine is empty, and we are talking an 8kg washing machine and most of my loads are full loads. So usually there is a lot of towels and mopping involved, plus the odd scream of frustration, hair pulling, and I can't believe this happened again!!! 

I am probably very lucky I have tiled floors in the laundry, I would hate to think what it would be like if I had carpet. So it is very easy to clean up just frustrating and another job to add to the list of things that already need to be done around the house.

One of the things that seems to surprise me the most is the places that the water ends up. In closed cupboards and draws and worst of all it gets through all the items I have on the floor of my laundry cupboard. So everything needs to be dragged out and dried.

I have now resorted to using plastic storage tubs at the base of the cupboards so all I need to do is pull them out and mop up the spill. So much less stress, and less work. I would highly recommend this solution to a wet problem!

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