Monday, 30 April 2012

La Zuppa Soup Review

La Zuppa – Creamy Chicken with Asparagus & Herbs Soup

Sick of buying soups that taste like your drinking flavoured water? Well I have found one that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry and disappointed.

I have been given the pleasure via my friend at No Excuses!Easy Organising for Large families to try out this gourmet soup. The reason I call it gourmet is because that is the reaction you feel when eating it. It is so well made and delicious it is more like a soup ordered from a restaurant than something bought at a supermarket. The flavours are perfect, thick and rich – it’s more like a meal than a soup! I did not feel the need to have something to eat after it. You can see the real chicken and asparagus pieces in the soup. The heating instructions on the label are very easy to understand and I had no need to add anything to it like Salt & Pepper.

La Zuppa soups are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, 99% Fat free and Free from 'E' Additives!

If you are looking for a great quality soup I would highly recommend La Zuppa.

*This is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid for this review.  All opinions are based on my own experience with this product, which were given to me by No excuses! Easy organising for large families to try.

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