Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Big Mess Mischief

We all know that when the kids are being more quiet than usual it is often a good idea to sneak a look at what their doing. As most likely they are getting up to mischief.

Usually I find at around the age of two each one of my children has got up to big mischief and it has always ended in a big mess.

I have seen flour messes, sugar messes and even greasy butter messes.

Today my four year old attracted my attention when he mentioned his younger two year old sister and something to do with cornflakes. Just prior to this they had been asking to eat cornflakes straight out of the box, which I had replied with a firm no and reminded them that they had already eaten some for breakfast. 

Breakfast was also not that long ago and I had already cleaned up a super breakfast mess.

Sometimes I really believe I have hobbits living in this house and they think the kitchen is open all hours, and yes they believe there is such a thing as second breakfast.

My children know they are not allowed to eat in the playroom, but I think I need to remind them at least twice a day to eat at the table. 

I followed my four year old into the playroom where I firstly discovered a trail of cornflakes on the floor, I first thought that's not so bad. But then I saw...  'The Big Mess'! I think they emptied the whole packet of cornflakes all over the floor.

So out came the vacuum cleaner a bit earlier than planned to suck up the flakey mess. I felt a bit like the guy on the infomercials sucking up all those flakes. I couldn't believe there were cornflakes everywhere, in all sorts of weird places. I think they must have had an absolute ball. And of course the older one acts like he is so innocent in all this, its so easy to blame the younger one who can not stand up for herself.

I don't think I will be replacing that box of cornflakes anytime soon, they can just stick to having weetbix or toast for breakfast.

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